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​ ​Kindergarten Quarterly Learning Targets

​Math: Kindergarten students will be able to:
~Count to 0-25    
~Identify numbers 0-10 by sight
~Count and match quantities for sets 0-5
~Count and represent quantities for sets 0-10
~Count and compare sets of objects 0-5
~Write numbers correctly 0-5
~Identify sets as greater than, less than, or equal to 10
~Identify sets automatically 0-5
~add and subtract 0-10
~Demontrate understanding of story problems
~Identify 2D shapes: square, rectangle, circle, oval, triangle, rhombus, hexagon,
~ Identify 3D shapes: cube, cylinder, pyramid, sphere, rectangular prism, cone

~Classify objects and shapes into given categories
~Describe measurable attributes (like size, shape, color, etc.)
~Compare objects and sets to determine more  or less

Please read the Eureka Parent Newsletter for Module1;  the link is below.
Eureka Parent Newsletters - , Learning Targets for math Module 1.pdfhexaon      Learning Targets for math Module 2.pdf     Learning Targets for math Module 3.pdf   Learning Targets for math Module 4.pdf   Learning Targets for math Module 5.pdf   Learning Targets for math Module 6.pdf

Science/Social Studies
~Exploring the 5 senses and Community

​Literacy & Writing: Students will be able to... 
~Speak audibly and express thoughts, feelings, and ideas clearly
~Retell familiar stories
~Desribe familiar people, places, things, and events and provide additional details
~Identify characters, settings, plot, and problem/solution
~Define the role of author and illustrator
~Ask and answer a question about key details in a text
~Sort common objects into categories and expresses reasoning
~Use new vocabulary that is directly taught through reading, speaking, writing and listening
~Follow classroom rules, listen, take turns, participate, and collaborate in discussions, in small and large groups
~Listen with understanding and follow 2-step directions
~Identify and create rhyming words
~ Identify at least 26 out of 52 letters of the alphabet 
~Identify beginning sounds in words
~Blend sounds oral to make one-syllable words
~Segment one-syllable words into sounds
~Identify 15 single letter phonemes
~Follow words from left to right, top to bottom, and from page to page
~Identify and read 10-20 high-frequency sight words
~Write using pictures with details, letters and uses CUPS
~Write personal narratives with a clear beginning, middle, and end using pictures, words, and labels
~Write using capital letters where appropriate and end marks
Narrative Checklist for Kindergarten.pdf

Pebble Go is a great place to visit to help you with your reading. Email for the login and password.

​Sight Words    
I, red, blue, a, yellow, green, the, purple, black, and, brown, white, pink, orange, for, in, to, it, little,we,that,on, like, me, was, as, of, his, they, at, from, or, by, come, had, one, with, my, not, but, can, your, you, what, when, were, each, are, an, now, use, there, up, if, then, many, is, how, about, other, find this, some, so, will, be, their, go, see, these, them, into, him, would, make, play, her, said, good, time, could, she, all, way, write, first, he, no, than, who, call, way, write, first, he, no, than, who, call, water, been, did, do, down, day, long, have, help, get, part, look, out, may, off, take, made, has, two, more

Quarter 1= a, c, d, f, g, o, s, q, u, b, e, h, i; 
Quarter 2= j, k, l, m, n, p, r, t, u, v, w, x, y, z;

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